"Wanderlust consumed her; foreign hearts and exotic minds compelled her.

She had a gypsy soul and a vibrant hope for the unknown. "

- D. Marie

The Mulia Bali Instameet - Day 3

The Mulia Bali Instameet - Day 3

The Mulia Bali Instameet - Day 3

Thankfully, day 3 of the Mulia Resort Instameet kicked off a little later than originally planned.

Predicting our dusty heads, we’d pushed yoga back a few hours so that we could enjoy an extra little sleep in however it wasn’t long before the girls and I were assembled on the golf buggies once again- this time head to toe in lycra and Lulu Lemon.


The setting for our morning yoga session was beautiful, over looking the perfectly manicured gardens but the early morning Balinese sun meant that what started off as a very relaxing yoga session quickly turned into an outdoor bikram class for experts. (I decided child’s pose was my best friend and sat in it accordingly watching the others bend and stretch like graceful ballerinas.)

I used this opportunity of ‘exercising’ as an excuse to hit up The Café breakfast buffet even harder than usual. I loaded up my plate with pancakes, hash browns, eggs, fresh fruit, croissants…eventually clocking up 4 trips back and forth.


After breakfast we had a bit of spare time, so a few of us headed back to our rooms to freshen up before scouting the best spots for our mini fashion shoots, each of us helping each other out with styling, lending pieces to complete outfits and directing the poses from behind the iPhone camera.

(Clothing credits: Amilita crochet top and Just Because Boutique skirt, Talulah bikini, Lottie Hall mini, Isla maxi dress and Quay sunglasses.)

Come early afternoon it was time for our trip to the day spa- something we’d all been eagerly anticipating.


We arrived at the Mulia Spa and were greeted with cool washcloths and a refreshing ginger and lemongrass drinking. After each being assigned a therapist, we were lead into our rooms to get changed into our super sexy matching black two-pieces, before being directed into the Hydrotherapy pool where we told to hop in the cold pool and then the hot pool and repeat accordingly.

I’ll be frank- we attempted to do as we were told but it was so god damn hot we ended up staying in the cold pool.


After our little swimming session was over, we were taken into the state-of-the-art ‘Wellness Suite’ which included a sauna, ice room and steam room with ‘emotional shower to help you reach equilibrium.’

Again- all cards on the table. We attempted the steam room but lasted 3 minutes before feeling like we were being smothered and the ice room was fun (free shaved ice) however a little too cold to chill out in (pun intended) for more than a minute or so.

The look on the poor therapists face when we told her we were done with the ‘Wellness Suite’ a whole hour early was a mixture of amusement and confusion but to be honest- we were all eager to get our massage on.

Cut to an hour and a half later and all 6 of us are stumbling out of our treatment rooms, sleepy eyes, hair as wild as a bird’s nests, slippery in beautiful smelling oils feeling amazingly relaxed and reluctant to leave the spa.


The afternoon saw us continue the strenuous activities with cocktails, food and sun baking by the pool before we all headed back up to our rooms for a shower and refresh just in time for dinner.


Dinner tonight would be at Edogin- the resort’s Japanese restaurant complete with teppanyaki and an expansive sushi offering. The food was to die for and didn’t seem to stop coming however that’s not to say I didn’t find room in my special ‘dessert pocket’ in my stomach to check out The Deli.

The Deli was a slice of Paris smack bang in the middle of Nusa Dua. Beautifully constructed tiny cakes and pastries, macaroons, cakes in the shape of Birkin handbags- it was Willy Wonka’s dream and I felt it was my duty to at least sample the delights.

By now, we were feeling very relaxed, full and happy and the Balinese weather was not disappointing us so we decided to continue the festivities with some drinks back in Lindy’s hotel room.

This next part is a bit of a blur however some highlights included Gen rapping 50 Cent lyrics, Lindy and Nadia rolling around in the resort dressing gowns and El dancing up a storm purely for my amusement.

I took a moment to look around the room at these four people I hadn’t known from a bar of soap three days ago and felt very lucky to have met them. I was having a ball, my stomach hurt from laughing so much and I definitely wasn’t ready to head home the next day. 

The Mulia Bali Instameet - final day

The Mulia Bali Instameet - final day

The Mulia Bali Instameet - Day 2

The Mulia Bali Instameet - Day 2