"Wanderlust consumed her; foreign hearts and exotic minds compelled her.

She had a gypsy soul and a vibrant hope for the unknown. "

- D. Marie

The Mulia Bali Instameet - Day 2

The Mulia Bali Instameet - Day 2

The Mulia Bali Instameet - Day 2

Day 2 at The Mulia Resort, Bali was kicked off with a breakfast to end all breakfasts.

Picking off the a la carte menu (which also resulted in me choosing a baby chocolate donut from the patisserie trolley) we were delighted with everything from salmon and egg white omelettes to mixed berries and cream for the vegan Miann.


Once again thanking the ‘relaxed fit’ of beach attire, we vowed to never eat again.

Around mid-morning we were given a proper tour of the resort via golf buggies. The grounds really are quite beautiful- bright green and luscious with speckles of pink bougainvillea and bright white orchids.

We were taken past the outdoor yoga center (we’ll be seeing YOU tomorrow!) and both of the available wedding chapels before heading up to check out the different villas- all perfectly set up with their own pools, butler and golf buggy to get you around.


By now we were done with all the teasing of the aqua pools and felt it was about time we hopped into one!

I popped into my Triangl leopard print bikini and headed down to the main pool which is right on the beach and features a swim-up pool bar. It took the rest of the girls and I maybe 1 and a half minutes to order coconuts (with a alcoholic twist of course) and before long we were selfie-ing it up in the pool, working on our angles, perfecting flat lays and trying really, really hard not to get our iPhones wet.


This was probably the first time we’d all been able to sit around and chat about our lives and our careers- we all agreed it was refreshing being around like-minded people who understood the importance of a good filter and appropriate hashtag and then laughed at how ridiculous we all sounded.

Lunchtime was late due to our enormous breakfast and whilst the others ordered healthy tuna salads and juices, I stayed on the cocktails and grabbed a burger.

A few more hours in the sun, a quick shower and change back in our suites and before we knew it- we were eating again. (Who said eating is cheating?)

Tonight’s dinner was at the brand spanking new Table8, where we would be treated with a delicious Chinese buffet. The prawn dumplings and duck were my favourite, as was the amazing performance by a man known only as “The Tea Man” who gave us quite a show that combined martial arts with the art of tea pouring.

After our early night the night before, we decided to keep the party going by checking out the resort’s night club, ZJ’s Bar & Lounge.


We had been warned it was usually best to check out on a Friday or Saturday night so weren’t too surprised to discover we were the main event (it was a Tuesday) however after making Lindy get behind the decks and dancing up a storm- we bowled out of there a few hours later feeling like it had been a success. (Also a little tipsy…)

Yoga first thing the next day would be a real treat.

The Mulia Bali Instameet - Day 3

The Mulia Bali Instameet - Day 3

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