"Wanderlust consumed her; foreign hearts and exotic minds compelled her.

She had a gypsy soul and a vibrant hope for the unknown. "

- D. Marie

The Mulia Bali Instameet - Day 1

The Mulia Bali Instameet - Day 1

The Mulia Bali Instameet - Day 1

“Miss Eleanor and Miss Tully?”

Let’s be honest- nothing could really top the fact that I was off on a 4 day trip to Bali, staying at the 5 star Mulia Resort (smack bang in the middle of a rainy Sydney winter)…except maybe a last minute upgrade business class (thanks Garuda!)


As Eleanor (Pendleton of Gritty Pretty) and I got set up in our extra-roomy, flat bed seats and perused the mouth-watering Indonesian in-flight menu, we swapped stories of our reactions to finding out we were off on an Instameet trip to Nusa Dua, situated on Bali’s eastern coastline.

It all seemed too good to be true. 5 star resort! Ocean views! Day spas! Asian banquets! Cocktails by the pool! We couldn’t get there fast enough.

As we pulled up at the Mulia’s foyer, the grandiosity of the resort hit us like a tonne of bricks. Everywhere we looked we were hit with high marble ceilings, ginormous floral arrangements, stunning sculptures suspended from the ceilings and sweeping ocean views.


It was no suprise that our ‘Royal Suite Ocean Court’ rooms were equally breathtaking. The king size bed with soft-as-a-cloud pillows, balcony complete with comfy outdoor couches and oversized bathtub overlooking the resort screamed luxury. (Maybe not screamed…more 'purred’.) In fact, the walk in wardrobe and shower combined were probably the size of my whole house back in Sydney. 


We had been told to freshen up, get changed and to meet up at Sky Bar for a sunset cocktail and meet and greet with the other Instameet girls.

I chucked on a ’Just Because Boutique’ skirt and a cropped Tigermist top and headed (perhaps a little too hastily) up to the bar. 

The rest of the week would be spent with glamazon Lindy Klim of ’Milk & Co’, style and wellbeing blogger (and all round sweetheart) Miann Scanlan, multi-talented (and friend of mine) designer Lottie Hall, super stylish fashion blogger Nadia Bartel, cute-as-a-button but hard working Hatch Communications PR guru Gen Day, the lovely El and myself. 

I’d usually be a little wary of meeting a gaggle of beauty bloggers and fashion-y people however it was clear straight off the bat that we were going to have an amazing week together. (Could have been the inappropriate jokes I was making to break the ice…)


Cocktails and introductions out of the way, it was off to Soleil, Mulia’s beach front restaurant for our six course degustation dinner. To say I was excited would be an understatement. I had already polished off the bar nuts and annihilated my cocktail lychees in anticipation.

If I was to write a short review of every dish we were lucky enough to have bestowed upon us that night- we’d be here for hours and they wouldn’t be 'short’ at all. 


So lets just say the Crostino di Tonno (yellowfin tuna carpaccio, foie gras toast and caviar oscietre) was to die for and the Wagyu beef short rib melted in my mouth so fast I was sad it was over.

All feeling a little weary from the plane ride in, we decided to roll ourselves back to our suites and call it a night early, ready for our first full day at the Mulia tomorrow. 

The Mulia Bali Instameet - Day 2

The Mulia Bali Instameet - Day 2

Cocktail Masterclass - Lil’ Darlin, Surry Hills

Cocktail Masterclass - Lil’ Darlin, Surry Hills