"Wanderlust consumed her; foreign hearts and exotic minds compelled her.

She had a gypsy soul and a vibrant hope for the unknown. "

- D. Marie

The Cullen, South Yarra- Melbourne

The Cullen, South Yarra- Melbourne

The Cullen, South Yarra- Melbourne 

Last weekend I was lucky enough to stay a night at The Cullen, one of the four Art Series boutique hotels and the number 1 hotel in Prahan and boy do I understand why!


It should be said that I have a particular soft spot for bold, pop style art - especially those which reek of grunge and challenge the public’s perception of what is considered ‘beautiful’. SO, to spend a night in a hotel positively dripping in works by the amazingly talented Adam Cullen was a treat in itself!

However this is a hotel review and as such, I shall let you in on the other treats The Cullen has to offer.

Upon arriving at The Cullen my guest and I were checked into our 'Deluxe Studio Suite’ quickly and problem-free.

In fact, throughout my stay, the staff were nothing but helpful, going above and beyond their call of duty, even sourcing me a steamer for my dress and printing off my speech I was to deliver that night at a charity event.

Their social/marketing team were also on the ball- leaving further information on Adam Cullen and the works featured throughout the hotel after seeing my Instagram post gushing over the foyer art.


The room itself was very impressive (although would have loved a balcony!). The interiors were mainly monochrome with splashes of orange and even MORE Cullen art. Taking pride of place was a deliciously squishy and comfy queen size bed which then flowed onto the open plan working and living area including kitchenette (and a yummy range of American snacks and sweets). 

The bed itself really needs it’s own paragraph. I felt like a Carebear, sleeping soundly on a cloud. There were also instructions to jump on the bed (you don’t have to tell me twice!), and a 42 inch flat screen TV, which came in handy as I was digging into my 'raspberry, white chocolate and nut blondie’ baked goods (thanks Celia!) and bottle of champagne from the bar fridge.


The bathroom was on the smaller side and featured a frosted glass Cullen donkey which, while tres chic, would mean you and your guest would have to be preeeeettty god damn open and comfortable with each other.

Whilst the Evo hair care products were to die for (my hair felt like silk and I definitely accidentally popped them in my suitcase), privacy was clearly not one of the biggest concerns when designing the bathrooms.


By now I was hungry.


There are two in-house restaurants at The Cullen- the Gramercy Bistro and Hutong Peking Duck & Dumpling which I was told is out of this world but busy on the weekends so bookings are essential.

After checking out, (11am check outs should be mandatory, that extra hour makes the world of difference) my guest and I headed downstairs to the Gramercy for brunch.

The menu is full to the brim of American-diner inspired favourites (chicken wings, burgers & ribs) and their breakfast menu surprisingly made this breakfast-hater consider chowing down on eggs and bacon.

We ended up deciding on the cheeseburger (8/10) and the crispy calamari (5/10) however I’ve eaten here before and the food is usually A+ every time.

All up- my only regret with my one night stand at The Cullen was just that- it was only one night.

Next on my list to check out The Olsen, The Blackman & The Schaller- watch this space! 

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