"Wanderlust consumed her; foreign hearts and exotic minds compelled her.

She had a gypsy soul and a vibrant hope for the unknown. "

- D. Marie

STA Travel - #WildCardUK Part 4 – EDINBURGH

STA Travel - #WildCardUK Part 4 – EDINBURGH

STA Travel - #WildCardUK Part 4 – EDINBURGH

Welcome to the forth video in my #WildCardUK series, all made possible to the guys and dolls at STA Travel and Visit Britain!

In this video (click here for full version) I check out Edinburgh during the most exciting time of the year- smack bang in the middle of the largest arts festival in the world, the Edinburgh Fringe Fest.

 Every year, thousands of performers flock to hundreds of stages all over Edinburgh to present everything from theatre to comedy, dance, circus, cabaret and opera just to name a few.

Being a bit of a musical nut- I was very excited to check it out and was not disappointed, the sun even decided to stick around for the day, which made for one of my favourite days of the trip all up.

For more of what I got up to in Edinburgh, see below!


Pommery Pop-Up Champagne Bar at The Signet Library: now this is my kinda activity. For the duration of the Fringe Fest, the Signet Library in Parliament Square had been transformed into a pop-up champagne bar, complete with champagne pyramids. We were served up layer upon layer of delicious treats- both savory and sweet, each more mouth-watering than the last and washed them down with cold champagne. I was lucky enough to have Mhairi (do not even ask me to try pronouncing it) from Bebaroque with me, an award winning Scottish fashion label who specialize in embellished hosiery and body wear. They count superstars such as Katy Perry (girl crush!) and Kate Moss as some of their biggest fans and were so super sweet, they even gifted me a pair of their signature ‘Tattoo Me Tight” stockings (which I wore at the first opportunity!)


Edinburgh Fringe Festival: to sum up my day spent wondering through The Royal Mile, checking out only a snippet of the festival in a paragraph or so would be doing the acts and performers a grave injustice.  Every few meters there were pop-up stages with snippets of various musical, theatre and comedy acts being performed, acting as live-action trailers to in an attempt to lure the public into attending the full shows later on that evening. I for one, left itching to see about 11 or so shows, disappointed we weren’t staying in Edinburgh for longer.


Edinburgh Castle: the fact that castles are commonplace in the UK and Scotland especially is still such a novel idea to me! This castle was particularly impressive and large, the highest point of which offered sweeping views of Edinburgh at sunset. Definitely worth the walk up The Royal Mile.

Gordon Nicolson: we magically stumbled across one of the last traditional kilt makers in Edinburgh and the guys at Gordon Nicolson were lovely enough to take us through the in’s and out’s of making a kilt. We also got a brief history lesson, as well as an explanation on the different types of tartan (I found my ‘Smyth’ family tartan and it even had splashes on pink in it!) and all the different accessories (a ‘sporran’ is Gaelic for ‘purse’- so basically your old school bum bag).


The Scran & Scallie: being a hugeeee foodie, I was really excited when I heard that two of Scotland’s top Michelin star chefs, Tom Kitchin and Dominic Jack had come together to create menus of fresh, home-cooked dishes using seasonal and local produce. The Screan & Scallie had me at ‘Summer Berry Cosmo’ and provided hit after hit dish throughout the night. Thank god there were so many of us at dinner and we were able to pick from each other’s plates! The Strawberry Eton Mess for dessert was the piece de résistance.


Edinburgh International Book Festival: after dinner we hit up the International Book Festival, just another one of the brilliant festivals Edinburgh puts on every year. I’d like to tell you more about the fest but I got lost in the bookshop and didn’t resurface until it was time to leave. Oops?

This Is Ceilidh: this was the event that I had been dreading. Dancing, has never been my strongest suite. If you imagine Taylor Swift after a few drinks, that’s pretty similar to how I look on a GOOD night. I knew very little about ‘This Is Ceilidh’ - a popular act, part of the Fringe Fest- but what I DID know was that it involved audience participation. And dancing. I shouldn’t have been worried; it ended up being the best night. I danced up a storm, both by myself and with various partners and then finally, as part of one ginormous group of festival goer’s and it was the most fun I’d had in ages! You simply MUST check it out if they come to a town near you.

To see the video evidence of my very best Scottish Taylor Swift impression, click HERE for the full video.

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