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She had a gypsy soul and a vibrant hope for the unknown. "

- D. Marie

STA Travel - #WildCardUK Part 1 – GLASGOW

STA Travel - #WildCardUK Part 1 – GLASGOW


Welcome to the first instalment of my whirlwind #WildCardUK adventure with thanks to the awesome dudes at STA Travel and Visit Britain!

The whole idea behind my little journey across the seas was to showcase some of the hidden gems the UK has to offer.

I’ll be honest- I’d visited the UK before on an around the world trip after I finished uni but like most Australian’s, I’d spent most of my time eating good Indian food and seeing cheap gigs in London.

London is amazing, don’t get me wrong. But to say that’s all the UK has to offer would be a gross understatement.

Over the next few weeks I’ll be taking you on a journey across some of the best parts of Scotland and England, showcasing the most delicious food, charming pubs, inspiring museums and galleries, breathtaking scenery and more than a few hilarious characters and ‘must-see’ attractions and activities.

I’ll be giving you the dot-point version on my blog, and there will be a quick wrap-up vid on my own YouTube page but make sure you subscribe to the STA Travel YouTube page for the full kit and kaboodle.


I have a feeling my words simply won’t do the trip justice.



Laboratorio Espresso: These guys are fostering Glasgow’s up and coming coffee culture with his various blends and delicious authentic Itailian treats.  Even as a non-coffee drinker I was impressed. Going to go on a limb here and say the best coffee in Glasgow.  Pop in for a pistachio cannelloni.


Gallery of Modern Art: whether you fancy yourself a bit of a Warhol or you’ve never understood the in’s and out’s of a Rothko – this gallery has something for everyone. Between the large installations that take up entire floors to the smaller sculptural pieces the gallery is definitely worth checking out- even if just to admire the building from the outside.


The Social On The Square: after checking out the gallery, pop over the road for lunch at this hipster joint. Sick interiors, varied menu, cold cider, hot wait staff (you know who you are) and AMAZING mussels.


Abandon Ship: now this is my kind of label. Hot dudes covered in tats, designing prints and pieces based off what they and their mates love rather than what’s ‘in’ this season. With their ‘don’t’ give a fuck’ attitude (even Chris Martin had to pay for his threads), the Abandon Ship boys ooze cool and are set to rock the Glasgow fashion scene more than they already have.

Swoon Nails: You wouldn’t call me the girliest of girls but nail art is something I’ve gotten into over the past year or so. Never one for a French manicure, I’m all about the crazy designs, out there colours and stick on adornments (think tiny gold seashells on top of mermaid scale nails).  Lia at Swoon Nails had been recommended by a few beauty bloggers and it was obvious why. Not only did I walk out of there with pimping nails but a new friend. Definitely check her out!


Squid & The Whale: We headed here for burritos and cocktails on the recommendation of another new BFF, Sheri from ‘Forever Yours Betty’. This mega babe blew me away with her fluro orange hair, amazing 1950’s glasses and thick, thick Glasgow accent. She gave me the 411 on the music, fashion and dating scene in Glasgow. Burritos were A+ too.

Ibis Hotel: we stayed at the Ibis hotel. Clean, comfy beds (huge too), a shower that makes you feel like you’re on some kind of luxury yacht (you’ll know what I’m talking about when you get there), free buffet breakfast in the morning but most importantly FREE WIFI.


Check back soon for part 2 of my #WildCardUK adventure or click HERE for the full vid!



I'm nominated for a Cosmopolitan Australia 'Fun Fearless Female’ award

I'm nominated for a Cosmopolitan Australia 'Fun Fearless Female’ award