"Wanderlust consumed her; foreign hearts and exotic minds compelled her.

She had a gypsy soul and a vibrant hope for the unknown. "

- D. Marie

Ocean House, Great Ocean Road- Lorne

Ocean House, Great Ocean Road- Lorne


Over the weekend I was lucky enough to spend my Saturday pretending to live in a house I’ve previously only dreamed of/Pinterested. 

With thanks to the PR mavens at Hatch Communications, myself and 5 other bloggers (Catalina from The Unimpossibles, Bec from Twice Blessed, Lisa from Couturing.com, Josie from By Barber and my dear friend Lisa from See Want Shop) hopped on a mini bus destined for Lorne and the insanely luxurious Ocean House.

It takes just under 2 hours to get to Lorne from the Melbourne CBD but the drive is beautiful and it’s easy to see why it would be the perfect weekend getaway- rain, hail or shine. In fact whilst we had a few hours of sunshine in the morning, it was overcast and moody for most of our day but made for the perfect backdrop to all the polished concrete and crisp white interiors. 


Upon arriving we were greeted by our friends at The Beach People, given a glass of chilled champagne and begun our grand tour of the house.

Designed by renowned architect Robert Mills the interiors, exteriors and furnishings of the Ocean House were divine. 

Glass and timber pavilion blends wilderness with contemporary chic to create a truly unique entertaining area with panoramic views across the ocean.

All the girls and I “Oooohed” and “ahhhhed” at the circular bedrooms, wrap-around terraces, a rooftop deck with open air bath (!!!) and fire pit, velvet soft polished concrete and the most stylish, comfortable furniture from cutting edge designers including Pierre Lissoni and Patricia Urquiola.


Our only qualm was that our iPhone photos weren’t doing it justice!

Towards the end of the tour we noticed delicious smells had begun wafting down the spiral concrete staircase so we followed our noses and took over the dining table with water views just in time for lunch, prepared for us by Matt Dempsey from Gladioli.

The food was to die for. Crispy barbeque chicken thighs, caprese salad with soft mozzarella, and chicken caesar salad with dill were some of the highlights. I had seconds and then refused Lisa’s offer to share a chocolate tart only to struggle polishing off the mouth-watering dessert- serves me right for being a little piggy!


After letting our food settle, we decided we would be amiss not to check out the beautiful beach we’d been staring at over lunch so, using our pretty new Beach People round towels as blankets (and eventually props in the 101 Instagram photos that very quickly took place #bloggerlyf), we strolled the quick 3 minutes down to the water.

A quick frolic on the sand and dip of our toes in the whitewash later, we made our way back up to the house for a coffees, home-made marshmallows and chocolate truffle balls (Matt, if you’d like to move in and cook for me at home every day- I’ll see what I can do…) 

Feeling satisfied, full and relaxed - we hopped back on the mini bus bound for Melbourne, sad that we weren’t able to start up the fire and stay overnight.


With packages available on the website that includes dinner at award-winning, nearby restaurant Brae and even helicopter rides down from Melbourne- Lisa and I quickly made plans to come up for a weekend with some of our other friends. 

I won’t rest till I have a date with that rooftop bathtub. 



Peninsula Hot Springs, Mornington Peninsula- Victoria

Peninsula Hot Springs, Mornington Peninsula- Victoria