"Wanderlust consumed her; foreign hearts and exotic minds compelled her.

She had a gypsy soul and a vibrant hope for the unknown. "

- D. Marie



So after taking a forced hiatus due to the Spring Racing Carnival in Melbourne (read: hair, make up, dress, heels, head piece, marquees, champagne, canapés, repeat X 6) and then a much needed week of downtime back home in Sydney, Monday saw me getting back into my health and fitness routine.


First up however I had a top secret shoot with my favourite little bottle of refreshing tea-infused hydration- OVI. I’m not allowed to say too much about what the shoot was all about but I did manage to take a sneaky BTS shot whilst the directors weren’t looking. I promise to share the video with you as soon as I can!

I left the shoot in Woolloomooloo Sydney and hopped straight in the car bound for Melbourne. 

9.5 hours later and I was back home in Melbourne, stiff as plank of wood and with a sore shoulder and numb butt from driving all the way by myself.

A little bit of late night yoga at home sorted me right out however didn’t exactly cancel out the amount of junk food crap I had consumed on my road trip.

Don’t get me wrong- I love a good road trip. In fact a bunch of my friends and I drive up to Byron Bay for Splendour In The Grass every year and take great pleasure in dragging out the 10 hour trip across a few days.

It’s almost impossible however to find healthy food options on the road. KFC, McDonalds, Hungry Jack’s….every 5 minutes. Some gross pre-made sandwich or cold pie, sure!

But a healthy salad or fresh juice? You’re dreaming!

I made a mental note to be extra good with my diet this week to make up for my 9 hours of fatty salty goodness.


Day 65, Tuesday 18th November

Tuesday saw me back at Kaya for the first time in two weeks and god I missed that sweet smelling place.

I was pretty apprehensive about being tight and rusty after missing class for so long so was grateful that Gaynor was in charge of my first class back.

You may remember Gaynor as the softly spoken, motherly Kaya instructor. Not sure if any of my readers were fans of ‘Captain Planet’ the TV show but she is a little bit like Gaia - all 'mother naturey’ and stuff. 

I noticed a definitely difference in my stamina and strength and to be honest was a little frustrated, feeling as if I’d gone backwards in my progress.

Unfortunately, despite our best efforts, sometimes 'life’ can get in the way and we simply aren’t able to work out as much as we’d like. I’d really missed my daily pilates classes and was excited to get back into a routine.

Day 66, Wednesday 19th November

After my slightly more 'chilled out’ class with Gaynor the day before, I was keen for a lively Elle class.

Elle has got to be one of the funnest Kaya instructors, constantly forcing us to breathe loudly with her (no one joins in) and apologising for the fact that we “awkwardly, have two legs” and do in fact have to work both of them out equally.

There was lots of lying down work with the leg straps which I quite enjoy as it really feels like you’re making the most of the pilates bed.

Rushed home to get ready for a Levi’s event at Rooftop Bar in the city however, as is quite often the case, the only food available at the event was burgers and I was trying to eat healthy this week after my blow out road trip.

Eventually my rumbling stomach got the better of me and I polished off a burger PLUS a few chippies. 

Hey! I never said I was perfect!

Day 67, Thursday 20th November

I kicked off my Thursday with lunch with a girlfriend at The Stables, picking (suprise, suprise) the smashed avo, mushrooms and feta on wholegrain toast (see above) plus a fresh OJ. Cannot recommend this cafe enough- it’s amongst beautiful grounds and has a great menu, make sure you check it out next time you’re in the area.

After lunch I was treated to a massage at my number 1 day spa in Melbourne- Skin Day Spa in St Kilda. 

I’ve had a few treatments here before and always walk out feeling like I’ve just had the most relaxing nap ever- all squinty eyed and slow moving like a incredibly happy sloth. 

My relaxed vibe unfortunately didn’t stick around for long as I raced against peak hour traffic over to the Nike headquarters to grab some of their new exercise gear in time for my Instagram competition pilates class!

The awesome guys at Nike fitted me out with some leggings, a crop top, singlet AND brand spanking new runners (see above) which made me look 100% the part of a pilates godess- even if I wasn’t feeling like one!

From there it was straight home to shower and changed before the 5 minute walk up to Kaya.


For those of you who maybe don’t follow me on Instagram (@tee_smyth), the Kaya guys thought it would be cool to treat 20 of my followers to a free pilates class featuring me. 

It’s still a very bizarre concept to me that anybody would want to meet or hang out with me- so I was pretty shy and nervous when I first arrived at Kaya and met the first of the competition winners, who, by the way, was drinking a Berry Ovi (as was i) so she was immediately my favourite.

Elle had volunteered to take the class which was probably a good idea because she was able to break the ice with her pilates inspired jokes.

I’m not sure who was more nervous, the competition winners- most of whom had never tried pilates before- or me, who had been forced up on the raised instructor bed so that everybody could “check out my form.”

WHAT FORM? I DON’T HAVE ANY FORM? Is basically what I shouted in my head, minus a few 'fucks’.

The class went well, Elle killed it and everybody seemed to enjoy themselves. I gave everyone a few free passes to some more classes and awarded my Berry Ovi fan the one month free membership award for just being an all round legend.

After a mass selfie-session in the change rooms, I was home to annihilate a roast veggie and cous cous salad.


Day 68, Friday 21st November

I decided to wake up early on Friday and go for a run around the tan.

As much as I love Kaya, when the weather is good it’s nice to get amongst the great outdoors sometimes.

Running has become something I’m learning to love more and more. Once you get a good playlist on and get into a good pace, it’s very therapeutic. 

I’ve also discovered it helps with whatever mood I’m in that day. Angry and frustrated at a situation? I run ten times faster, feeling each thump of my foot as it hits the gravel.

Sad or feeling a little lost? The wind helps dry the tears as you run it out.

Despite the insanely high-tech treadmills at Kaya (complete with virtual environments you ran 'run through’ and watch on the big screen), I definitely prefer running outside.

Where do you like to run? Let me know in the comments section. 

Day 69, Saturday 22nd November

Saturday was (as usual) a non-exercise day however I had to include it purely to talk about the amazing breakfast I had with Jazz (BB'13) and Sam (BB'14) at Morris Jones on Chapel.

I grabbed the 'Berry fruit salad, activated almonds + oat muesli, banana, almond + tonka bean milk’ - check out my photo above.
Not only was it extremely healthy for me, it looked and tasted like a work of art.

I’m always spending all my money on food and have enjoyed checking out all the amazing cafes, bars and resturants Melbourne has to offer since moving here a few months ago.

Morris Jones is definitely one to check out. 

Until next time, 

“Eat good, feel good!" 

Beautiful Ben

Beautiful Ben