"Wanderlust consumed her; foreign hearts and exotic minds compelled her.

She had a gypsy soul and a vibrant hope for the unknown. "

- D. Marie



DAY 6- Saturday 20th September

It’s Saturday and if I’m honest, I really didn’t think I’d end up at Kaya today. I met up with Jazz for breakfast and we decided we should do an afternoon Pilates class.

Yeah- I was as shocked as you are.

It was slightly busier on a weekend but we were still able to get a bed, no problem and I walked out of the class feeling extra good about myself.

That night I had plans to go out but I vowed to only drink vodka lime sodas…they’re good for you right?

Day 7 - Sunday 21st September


Really glad I left Sunday as my second ‘rest day’ as I was in no state to hit the gym.

I DID however, receive my first delivery of Dietlicious. As mentioned, I’d decided to go with the 1200 calorie meal plan and I was really excited unpacking all my goodies.

It’s so simple- even I could figure it out. Each day, all the meals (including snacks and smoothies etc) are packed into plastic bags clearly marked 'DAY 1’, 'DAY 2’ and so on. 

Basically I was instructed to put Day 1 through to 3 in the fridge and the rest in the freezer, to be taken out the day prior.

Everything was clearly labelled with simple cooking instructions if necessary. I was especially impressed with the baby containers of nuts, delicious sounding smoothies and protein balls!


To give you an indication, the menu for day 1 was:

BREAKFAST: Breakfast frittata.

MID MORNING: Piece of fruit.

LUNCH: Vegetable + lentil burger served with side salad.

MID AFTERNOON: Banana smoothie

DINNER: Arabian beef and green vegetables. 

Each of the meals sounded delicious and far more experimental and exotic than I would ever attempt myself so I was feeling excited and optimistic about sticking to the meals minus sneaky snacking.

That being said, I’ll be honest- I had a date night planned with Tahan and her boyfriend at Rockpool on Sunday night so the dinner part of my meal plan kinda flew out the window and in it’s place was king prawn & goats cheese tortellini and a huge slice of pavlova. Oops?

Day 8 - Monday 22nd September

Still recovering from the weekend, I spent Monday catching up on work emails however did some yoga and stretching at home on my new Tigermist yoga mat.  I put my mat down in the sun near the windows and worked on some of the moves I could remember, feeling good for at least doing the littlest bit of exercise. 

Day 9 - Tuesday 23rd September

It was back to work today. The new little gym crew of Jess, Jazz and two of Jess’s friends and I hit up an afternoon session of Pilates.

Each class has still been different and interesting with each of the instructors definitely having their own style and technique.

It keeps things interesting and non-monotonous and means that we’re walking away from each class feeling the burn in different parts of our body. One day it’s our arms, the next, our legs.

Overall- I’m noticing a distinct difference in my general mood and sleeping habits. I feel like I’m bouncing everywhere, clear headed and focused and best of all- sleeping like a baby!

Had dinner with some friends from Sydney at Hannoi Hannah but made a conscious effort to pick a 'healthier’ menu option and drank water (and a glass of white wine or two) rather than my usual 2 or 3 glasses of Coke.

Kicking goals!

Day 10 - Wednesday 24th September

You know you’re dedicated when you turn down a VIP tour of The Block Glasshouse because you’d planned to attend your very first Zumba class at Kaya! 

Jess, Jazz, Jacqui and I were pretty nervous. Although we’d kind of mastered PIlates (or at least weren’t falling off the bed anymore)- Zumba was a WHOLE other story.

None of us felt we were coordinated and were more than a little scared about the kind of movement we were about to be subjected to.

We entered the room (which, thankfully, stayed quite dim throughout the class, tricking your mind to feel almost as if you’re out on the town) and the fabulously camp Lucas began jumping around on stage, yelling that it didn’t matter if we didn’t get the steps, as long as we didn’t stop moving.

It started off slow and moved into a series of mini dance routines, all to pumping music- part latino, part disco.

It became clear very quickly that the routines didn’t change a lot from week to week, as everyone (bar us 4) pretty much had the steps down pat. That being said, we picked it up pretty quickly and were sweating bullets before we knew it.

Hand on my heart, I don’t think I’ve ever sweated so much during a work out. 

The class finished up with a bit of a dance off where the room split into two and turned to face each other for a krump-off. 

It was SO much fun. I’ve never danced so hard or laughed so much in my life. We all walked out swearing it was the most fun we’d had exercising ever and vowed to do both the Monday AND Wednesday night classes from now on.


Another big break through for me today- I CAN NOW TOUCH MY TOES! No longer will I blame my long frame for my inflexibility! 

I was so amped up from our Zumba class that I ran home in the rain and whipped up my Dietlicious dinner: Malaysian lamb with broccoli with garlic oil. It was the perfect amount of food and left me feeling full and satisfied.

Day 11 - Thursday 25th September

Lunch today was risotto provencale with tuna served with salad….still in disbelief at how easy these bad boys are to whip up and how DELICIOUS they taste. 

Old Tully probably would have skipped lunch or grabbed a cheeseburger on her way home so I felt even better that I’d made the effort to stick to the meal plan. 

The gym gang and I met up for Michelle’s 4.45pm Pilates class. 

Michelle was again, a little sterner than we were used to but gave our little hints and tips during the class which I found really helpful. 

We left the class with burning butts and thighs so Michelle had definitely done her job. 

Day 12 - Friday 26th September

Had every intention of meeting Jess at Michelle’s 1pm Pilates class today however my hair appointment went wayyyy overtime so instead I hit 'The Tan’ (Melbourne’s Royal Botanic Gardens) for a walk. It was a nice way to take advantage of the warmer weather too.

Got home to discover that despite being on only 1200 calories a day, with Dietlicious I’m still able to get my Mexican hit!

Popped my Texan beef wrap in the microwave for 2 minutes while I made a small salad and I was done!

Have plans to catch The Madden Brothers at The Emerson tonight but will attempt to eat dinner before I leave.

NO promises on what will happen come Grand Final day tomorrow though!

STA Travel - #WildCardUK Part 7 – THE WANDERING DUCK

STA Travel - #WildCardUK Part 7 – THE WANDERING DUCK