"Wanderlust consumed her; foreign hearts and exotic minds compelled her.

She had a gypsy soul and a vibrant hope for the unknown. "

- D. Marie



Day 28, Sunday 12th October

After my adventure day down south in Blairgowie I was dragged kicking and screaming back up to Melbourne for my usual hosting shift at Eve bar which- for a change- turned into a bit of a late one so I was in no state on Sunday to hit Kaya.

I think I should just resign to the fact that unless I’m being a VERY good girl/have has a quiet weekend, Saturday and Sunday will be my rest days when it comes to my regime for health and fitness.

Day 29th, Monday 13th October

It had been a week since we’d been to Zumba and not only did I miss my favourite high-intensity work out, I knew Lucas would be missing our loud mouths so Jess and I decided to make sure we didn’t miss Monday night’s class.

It’s interesting to compare my stamina and energy levels on Monday night’s Zumba class (after a weekend of drinking and eating like shit) VS. Wednesday night’s class (after a few days of pilates and eating well).

Jess and I like to think we spend Monday nights sweating out all the alcohol and toxins so that we’re feeling fresh for the rest of the week.

Don’t bother with the science of it….it works for us.


Day 30th, Tuesday 14th October

Tuesday afternoon was my first pilates class with the softly spoken Gaynor since my very first Kaya class ever. 

I was feeling a bit ‘blergh’ and sorry for myself so was looking forward to an easy class where Gaynor mothered and nurtured me, telling me everything would be just fine. 

Not sure whether she was feeling in a particularly challenging mood but Gaynor quickly became the smiling assassin, purring out sweet instructions to super challenging moves.

I kinda liked it. I’m still blown away daily by how different all the Kaya pilates instructors are - they really do have their own little vibe about them and it keeps things fresh and interesting.

Tuesday night I had the opening of the Jean Paul Gaultier exhibition (which by the way was INCREDIBLE and I highly recommend you check it out if you get the chance) so dinner was whatever delicious but totally unsatisfying tiny canapés I could get my hands on.

Coming up to the 'silly season’ there are only going to be more parties and events so watching my diet/making sure I eat properly etc is going to be something I’ve got to focus on moving forward.


Day 31st, Wednesday 15th October

Today was my first class with Elle. I’d heard good things about her from Jess but because I tend to stick to lunch time classes rather than the afternoon ones, I had yet to experience her for myself.

What a crack up! I felt like I was being treated to a stand up comedy show as well as a pilates class.

I found her energy to be contagious and her silly little anecdotes and analogies made the class a totally different experience to any of the classes I’d attended at Kaya so far.

She has a bit of a mantra which is: “My goal is to fatigue, your goal is to perfect.”

By this, she means that her job is to give us a bunch of reps so that we tire out. If we’re tired, if we’re sweating and our arms are shaking- it means the exercises are working.

HOWEVER, she’d rather we do what we can, and rest when we need to- but perfect our form- than do all of the reps she designates but do them incorrectly or poorly. 

Makes sense to me! 

Had to refrain from high-fiving her and asking her to be my best friend on the way out of class.

Day 32nd, Thursday 16th October

It was Michelle’s turn Thursday (by this point I felt like I was slutting around with the Kaya pilates instructors) and her class was challenging but rewarding as usual.

Got creative for dinner and hit up Pinterest for some inspiration for a healthy, zero carb option.

Pinterest is SUCH a good resource for this kind of thing…beautiful photos, easy step-by-step instructions and a stack of nutritional info. Makes you get excited to cook healthy lunch and dinner options. 

Day 33rd, Friday 17th October

Friday was mental for me. I had no choice but to get a spray tan in the AM so that kind of ruled out the gym or anything too extreme for the day (otherwise I’d sweat/rub off my tan in weird places). 

Actually missed pilates and felt a little guilty for not doing any exercise for the day. That in itself is an indication at how far I’ve come in 5 weeks- the fact that I look forward to and WANT to exercise is hilarious- but in all the best ways possible. 

Day 34th, Saturday 18th October

My 27th Birthday! Spent the day at Caufield Cup drinking champagne and eating whatever I could get my hands on. Hey, if I can’t go all out on my birthday, when CAN I?

Day 35th, Sunday 19th October

Forgive me father for I have sinned.

It’s been five weeks since my last trip to Huxtaburger but today, I was left with a raging hangover and few options.

Am using the excuse of my 'birthday week’ to keep away those niggling thoughts in my head that tell me I’m a bad person. 4 days a week aint bad Tully! Get a grip! 

Day 36th, Monday 20th October

Went for a run around the Tan before flying to Sydney for something very exciting that I will fill you out about right………now!


Day 37th, Tuesday 21st October

SUPER excited to announce my ambassadorship for the new drink, OVI Hydration.

When the OVI guys first got in touch and asked whether I’d be interested in trying the new product out, I was apprehensive.

OVI is packed full of antioxidants (sourced from green tea), very limited amount of sugar (instead getting using the natural sweetness from fruit and honey) and to be quite frank- sounded like a gross 'healthy’ drink that I would usually avoid.

I’m not a fan of 'iced teas’ or 'Vitamin Waters’ or anything of the like- but since cutting soft drink out of my diet I was desperate for a tasty alternative that would help me not fall of the wagon.

I’ve never been a big fan of water. I drink it when I’m exercising or hungover- that’s it. It’s boring! I need to add cordial or a squeeze or lemon in it for me to want to skull the 2L or whatever we, as women, are told we’re supposed to drink every day.


So you can imagine my delight when I tasted all three OVI flavours- berry, citrus and peach- and not only liked the taste, LOVED the taste, and even found myself craving some long after I had drunk all my samples.

I describe it as a 'Powerade for girls…without making your mouth blue’.

OVI is perfect for after a work-out, or after a night on the town as it’s whole purpose in life is to rehydrate. 

Since leaving Big Brother I’ve been offered a varied number of opportunities and working with brands and products is one of them. That being said, I’ve yet to agree to put my face to a brand like OVI.

What got me over the line with these guys is their philosophy that women can have it all. 

Gone are the days where we punish ourselves for that slice of cake at lunch by sweating it out at the gym for an extra hour.

Somedays we’ll do a 5K run, other days we’ll put on our Lulu Lemon simply to have coffee with a friend.

We’ll attend weekly Pilates classes but that doesn’t mean we won’t be annihilating a cheeky 3am kebab. 

We want it all and who says we can’t have it? Not me and definitely not the OVI dudes.

The beautiful Anna Heinrich from The Bachelor was also an ambassador (she is the 'healthy, fit, busy’ one and I’m the 'reformed junk-food addict’ one) and together, with a bunch of beauty bloggers and media, had a really lovely sit-down breakfast at the Andrew (Boy) Charlton Poolside Cafe (see the stunning set up above!) 

They’re out now in all the usual places you’d expect and I’d love to hear your thoughts so Tweet me or leave a comment in reply to this post. 

And, if you want to find out more about OVI Hydration give them a follow on Facebook and Instagram




Day 38th, Wednesday 22nd October

Life is tough sometimes.

Today, I head to Savannah, Georgia to visit the set of 'Magic Mike XXL’. Had to be up super early and have spent the last 27 hours travelling so apart from doing laps on the plane, exercise is at an all time low and intake of fast food at an all time high.

Did you know, in the US, you can’t even order a single cheeseburger? The deal is that you get 2!

That’s no longer a 'cheeky cheeseburger’. Thank god I packed my gym gear, I have a feeling I will be suffering Kaya withdrawals and will be needing to hit the hotel gym for my fix. 



Reality TV friendships: real or fake? Another piece for news.com.au.

Reality TV friendships: real or fake? Another piece for news.com.au.