"Wanderlust consumed her; foreign hearts and exotic minds compelled her.

She had a gypsy soul and a vibrant hope for the unknown. "

- D. Marie

MISSION FOR HEALTH….MISSION IMPOSSIBLE?  Day 20- Saturday 4th October & Day 21- Sunday 5th October

MISSION FOR HEALTH….MISSION IMPOSSIBLE? Day 20- Saturday 4th October & Day 21- Sunday 5th October

Day 20- Saturday 4th October & Day 21- Sunday 5th October

I was still feeling fluey over the weekend so didn’t hit the gym a single time. 

Felt really guilty and definitely missed it so was excited to get back into it on Monday. 

Day 22- Monday 6th October

Jazz, Jessica and myself all had Monday night plans so Zumba was off the table but I made sure I attended Michelle’s lunch time pilates class.

Michelle tends to be on the ‘sterner’ side on the scale of Kaya pilates instructors but I quite like her classes. I walk away having broken a sweat and feeling like I’ve achieved something which only feeds my growing pilates addiction. 

Due to it being the start of the racing season in Melbourne, I have been so busy attending different events and parties that I haven’t been able to catch up on my Dietlicious meal plans! 

Will make a consecutive effort to eat in when I can to avoid binging on delicious canapés.


Day 23- Tuesday 7th October

Got up early this morning and made myself a super green smoothie with a recipe I found on Pinterest. Not a fan of 'green’ anything usually but it was actually delicious. Recipe below:

Banana, Chia, and Spinach Smoothie
1 cup unsweetened almond milk
½ cup frozen mango
1 ripe banana
1 handful fresh spinach
1 tsp chia seeds 


Was feeling sore after Michelle’s class the day before but in that way where you KNOW you’ve done the exercises right because you’re feeling it in all the right places. 

Decided I was a sucker for punishment and went back for another lunch time class of hers. Today’s was nice and intimate so we all got one on one attention which was helpful.

With the slightest change in position- a lowering of the butt or twist of the hips- it can change the entire exercise so it’s good to sometimes be put in the correct position so you remember it for next time.

Michelle has also clearly learnt my name which is lovely but also a little embarrassing when she’s constantly having to yell it across the room to tell me to hold the position (clearly sensing I’m about to give in!) 

That kind of encouragement however is precisely why I love Kaya.

Day 24- Wednesday 8th October

I had a brunch time AND evening event so despite rushing home in order to try and make the 1pm pilates class, I didn't quite make it. 

Not wanting to miss out on exercising- I popped on some shorts and did a run around the tan. Felt 100 times better for it, especially as it was such a nice day.

Made a wholemeal wrap with spinach, tomato, avo, red onion and turkey for lunch but was still hungry so snacked on my new obsession: celery sticks and hummus. 

Day 25- Thursday 9th October

Jess, Jazz and I hadn’t been able to align our schedules all week so it was nice to be able to all get together for Tanya’s class on Thursday.

Tanya is another Kaya instructor known for being a little harder- she is strong on technique but also very nurturing and encourages rests if you need them.

There is something about Tanya that makes you want to not let her down….whenever she’s walking near my pilates carriage I always try to hold whatever position I’m in, make sure my back is straight etc. 

Like a pupil wanting to impress their teacher: “LOOK! LOOK AT HOW GOOD I’M DOING!”

Clearly I’m not doing as good as I thought because after class, Tanya offered Jess and I some one on one classes either before or after a class next week to take us through some of the techniques.

It’s really encouraging that the Kaya guys have such an invested interest in our progress- makes us feel like an important part of the Kaya family and only makes you want to improve your technique and get stronger and fitter.


Day 26- Friday 10th October

It seems my showing off to Tanya has paid off. At today’s lunch time pilates class, she was doing one of her usual rounds where she’ll correct our postures, positions etc if needed. 

“Good, this is getting stronger through here. Good work.”

SORRY WHAT? My core is feeling stronger to you? That’s basically like giving me a gold star sticker! Couldn’t help but feel a bit smug, even if I was still struggling to fight off the flu and therefore needed more rests than usual.

Not feeling 100%, I was reluctant to head out and drink so I decided to head down to a friend’s beach house for the night. This did however result in a slice of pizza or two (naughty!) and a terrible game of Trivia Pursuit. I think we should probably invest in the kid’s version next time.


Day 27- Saturday 11th October

Spent the day at beautiful, sunny Blairgowie and did quite a bit of walking, climbing and exploring down at London Bridge.

As much as I love Kaya and the 'spa retreat’ feel- not to mention the super inspiring and nurturing instructors- it’s nice to get some exercise via the great outdoors, especially when the view is this good.

Reality TV friendships: real or fake? Another piece for news.com.au.

Reality TV friendships: real or fake? Another piece for news.com.au.

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Finding love on reality TV- for news.com.au.