"Wanderlust consumed her; foreign hearts and exotic minds compelled her.

She had a gypsy soul and a vibrant hope for the unknown. "

- D. Marie

MISSION FOR HEALTH….MISSION IMPOSSIBLE?  Day 13- Saturday 27th & Day 14- Sunday 28th of September

MISSION FOR HEALTH….MISSION IMPOSSIBLE? Day 13- Saturday 27th & Day 14- Sunday 28th of September

Day 13- Saturday 27th & Day 14- Sunday 28th of September

As predicted, the AFL Grand Final celebrations took a lot of out me and the team, so despite making optimistic plans to hit up Pilates at 8.30am on the Saturday morning…. None of us stepped foot into Kaya this weekend. 

I also ate my body weight in sausages, tomato sauce and bread. This week was going to be a bitch.


Day 15- Monday 29th September

My gym buddy Jacqui was down and out for the count following a little Grand Final drinking associated injury which saw her fall down a flight of stairs at The Emerson and her sister Alex was playing nurse so it was just Jess, Jazz and I for Monday night’s Zumba.

Look I’ll be honest- we weren’t nearly as bouncing or excited as we were for last week’s class. The weekend was still taking its toll on our poor bodies and I was pretty sure straight vodka would be what I sweating out tonight.

That being said, Lucas was as vibrant as alwaysand it wasn’t long before we were getting into the swing of it, even remembering some of the moves from our first lesson.

We wrapped it up with the usual krump off, with me hitting up the other side of the room for a face-to-face battle with Jazz.

Despite her African American heritage- that woman has no rhythm and I krumped her right out of the room and back into the change rooms.

Got home and finally had the energy to unpack my second Dietlicious box. Took a little pic for you guys so you can see just how easily/well prepared it comes!

Still loving the variety of food and am being continuously surprised at how tasty everything is!


Day 16- Tuesday 30th September

Tuesday afternoon saw me check out one of Kaya’s other offerings: Lyndall the chiropractor.

Lyndall works out of Kaya some days but today I was just off down the road to Somatic Healthcare Clinic.

I’d been dreading my appointment if I’m honest. I shot up quite early in my teenage years and have subsequently spent most of my life leaning down to talk to people or slumping to make myself appear shorter. My posture is HORRENDOUS. Ask the Big Brother trolls, pretty sure I was referred to as Quasimodo more than once during my time in the house.

I was worried Lyndall would tell me I had left it too late and was destined to be a hunchback for the rest of my life.

For the a hundredth time during my journey to health and happiness, I discovered I was being silly and shouldn’t have been scared.

Lyndall was perhaps the nicest woman I’ve ever met. She told me I was going to get a spinal assessment and adjustment.

The then got me to stand up and took a good look at me, noting that I literally was lop sided. She could see where I held my tension, where my issues where and what we could do to help my posture just by looking at me

It was then time for me to lie down on the bed (which resembled a massage bed) where Lyndall pressed into certain parts of my back, spine, butt and even face. There was a very weird moment where it felt as if she was just pulling at my neck fat but she assured me, there was a purpose to everything.

She talked me through what she was doing, where my issues were and all about the weird little instruments she was using.

To be honest, I hadn’t learnt so much about the central nervous system and my spine since year 10 science.

At the end of my assessment, she explained my problems and gave me some exercises to take home and do daily as homework.

My back and shoulders felt more mobile and relaxed already and I walked away feeling like I really knew and understood my body, which was a nice change to constantly trying to figure out whether I was indeed hungry, or thirsty.

That afternoon the gang hit up an afternoon Pilates class which – and this could have been all in my head- felt easier after my spine adjustment.


Day 17- Wednesday 1st September

I was shooting all morning and then had an event in the evening so I chose to make Wednesday my ‘rest day’.

I did however squeeze a massage in with one of Kaya’s remedial massage therapists, Lily.

I’ve had plenty of massages but most of them were at boutique day spas and it was more about the beautiful smelling oils and lotions and making me feel relaxed than getting to the source of my problems.

Lily was AMAZING but gosh it hurt! In a good way! It felt like she was actually locating my issues and working them out. There was lots of kneading and pressing but it felt really good afterwards.

Again, Lily pointed out the same issues Lyndall had and gave me another set of exercises to help my back and neck issues. I left feeling like I wanted one of Lily’s massages every day!

Later that night I was a very good girl and ate my delicious Dietlicious Lamb ratatouille with italian vegetables for dinner before I headed out. SO yum!


Day 18- Thursday 2nd October

Everybody else was working their normal 9-5 jobs so Jess and I decided to hit up a 12.15 Pilates class.

It was Tanya. We were scared. Tanya is brilliant and very patient and understanding but her classes tend to be more challenging. Especially if you do two of them in a row.

We did a bunch of leg exercises that I hadn’t done before and lots of abs stuff which I love.

My only other foray into attending a gym was a 45 minute ‘Abs & Core’ class back in Sydney. I really loved it because my stomach is one of those areas I want to focus on.

Pilates has been great for my legs and arms and butt but we hadn’t done a lot of work on the abs so it was cool to see how Tanya incorporated the Pilates bed into a full on abs work out.

Jess walked out swearing she wasn’t doing a Tanya class two days in a row.

Day 19- Friday 3rd October

I woke up feeling very fluey and run down so decided to spend the day in bed resting up.

Jazz convinced Jess to attend Tanya’s 1pm class. Last I heard, Jess couldn’t feel her butt.

Can’t wait to get back into Kaya this weekend!

Until then, I’ll be upping my Dietlicious veggie intake!


Finding love on reality TV- for news.com.au.

Finding love on reality TV- for news.com.au.