"Wanderlust consumed her; foreign hearts and exotic minds compelled her.

She had a gypsy soul and a vibrant hope for the unknown. "

- D. Marie



DAY 1- Monday 15th September

Sunday morning started off pretty much the same as most Sunday’s for the past year at least.

I was hung over. I’d been out till the wee hours the night before and my mouth felt like the Sahara Dessert.

Stumbling to get out of bed, I fumbled in my handbag for my painkillers- head pounding already.

As I flopped back into bed I grabbed my iPhone and logged onto my favourite app after Instagram: Menulog.

Dammit. Still an hour and a half until Babu Burgers could deliver me delicious food to my bed.

 And then I stared at my ceiling. What the hell was I doing?

In a month’s time, I will be 27 years old and here I am, eating and living my life like a 14 year old teenage boy.

Something had to give.

First thing Monday morning I walked up to Kaya Health Clubs on Chapel St. I told the guys there a bit about me.

That my diet was TERRIBLE. (I’m talking McDonalds 2, 3 times a week. Coke with every meal, NO water whatsoever).

I told them that I had gotten by for the past 26 years without having to do a whole lot thanks to my ridiculously good genes. But that I never felt good.

I was starting to notice the extra flab hanging off weird spots. But more worryingly, I was never clear headed.

It was hard for me to relax. To switch off. And I hadn’t had a proper night’s sleep since I left the Big Brother house.

They nodded. Took notes. And told me they were here to help and on board with getting me happy and healthy, mind AND body.

I almost hugged them. 


After getting a tour of the club, I was sold. It felt more like a luxurious day spa than a gym. Whilst Kaya is unisex, there were mainly hot babes wondering around but not in a way where I felt judged or self conscious. Everybody had a smile on their face and everybody seemed quite serene.

The yoga rooms were a relaxing grey hue with dim lighting and soft music. Perfect.

The Pilates rooms were a little scarier for this first timer. I’m not going to lie, the bed looked more like something Frankenstein was strapped into before he broke free. Was I going to be subjected to torture? Have my arms and legs stretched out? 

“Don’t worry- pop in tomorrow a little before class and we’ll get Gaynor (perhaps the sweetest, softest, most maternal nurturing woman I’ve ever met) to take you through the machine before everybody else gets there.”

Gee, thanks Christian! Where do I sign?

After I left Kaya, I headed straight to Coles to stock up on everything I’d been hearing my happy, healthy friends talk about for years. 

Gone was the TV dinners, cookie dough and case of Coke cans.

Hello celery, whole meal wraps and chicken breasts. Okay I kept the block of chocolate in the basket- everything in moderation right? 


DAY 2- Tuesday 16th September 

Overnight, I’d managed to convince my friend Jess to come along to my first Pilates class.

Like me, Jess was feeling like it was time to start taking better care of her body. And, like me, she was totally unfit and embarrassed of the fact.

Jess was the perfect gym buddy.

As promised, we were taken through the pilates bed before class. It really wasn’t as scary or intimidating as it looked. There were cute little shoulder pads and headrests and really easy to pop on/off springs.

By now, the rest of the room had filled, but not so much so that you felt like a rat in the rat race. There was still heaps of spare beds, in fact, I’ve yet to see the gym full or really busy which is really, really nice.

I’ll cut to the chase- I LOVED my first class (and not just because a good chunk of it was spent lying DOWN on the bed. Who ever said you can’t work out lying down was lying…pun intended).


We had worked nearly every muscle- legs, arms, abs…I was already aching a bit but it felt good.

The class was actually fun and a little bit addictive? I almost wanted to stay back for the class right after ours.

Later that afternoon it was time for one of Kaya’s PT’s to take me through my ‘Program’. Basically I would be able to talk through the areas I want to work on (canteen lady arms, thighs and tummy) and she would create a few cardio and weights based circuits designed specifically for me.

Despite the fact that I have little to no upper-arm strength (I can’t even do a ‘lady push up’)- my PT was very patient, helpful and understanding andI walked away feeling like we’d come up with a pretty good plan, as a team.

Diet wise I was feeling great. I hadn’t had a Coke since Sunday (if you knew how much I drank normally, this was a HUGE accomplishment) and was enjoying the healthy snacks rather than eating half a packet of chocolate chip biscuits.


DAY 3- Wednesday 17th September


“Hi Tully, three days in a row hey?” 

You’re telling me! I was just as surprised as Koula to see me back, third day in a row.

Today I was feeling a little sore and tender so I decided to give my circuits a go by myself. They were fun and interesting and each exercise worked on different muscles or parts of the body so I would tire one out and by the time I got back around to it, it was ready to go again!

I walked home with a spring in my step, feeling so much better about myself after a good night’s sleep also (a rare miracle!)

Hitting the laptop for work later that day I received an email from the guys at Dietlicious. They had seen my Instagram post, pledging a healthier life style and were keen to get on board. 

They provided delicious, healthy meals cooked by award winning chefs. Delivered right to my door, ready to go. This was HUGELY appealing for me. Not only am I not the world’s best cook, as a single white female- I always feel like it’s a waste of energy shopping and cooking for one.

Emily explained to me that their ‘Detox/Cleanse’ program was their most popular, however when I read that my diet would therefore become wheat, gluten, diary, meat, preservatives, addictive’s and highly processed foods FREE- I decided it might be a little severe to jump straight into.

I talked Emily through my backstory and shared my goals. She suggested the ‘1200 Calorie Kickstart program’ which looked not only delicious (Tasmanian salmon with chermoula? Yes please!) but affordable.  Especially when I considered the amount of money I would spend eating out every week. 

My first delivery would happen on Sunday- in the mean time, I still had a fridge full of fruit and veggies to keep me going until then.


Day 4, Thursday 18th September

I’m told everyone needs a ‘Rest Day’ and this was mine. I had a big day shooting with a few meetings here and there so decided it was O.K to give Kaya a miss today.

I also decided it would be my ‘Cheat Day’ (you can combine the two of these yeah?) and had a cheeky Yum Cha lunch date with a friend.

A few dumplings and some duck pancakes (my favourite) later- I was actually feeling a little guilty.

I’m a huge foodie- I enjoy food and eating out a lot, and it’s very important to me that I don’t’ start to associate food with guilt. So I told myself to get the eff over it and enjoy my ‘Cheat Day’ to it’s fullest.

I had a row of Cadbury when I got home to celebrate.


Day 5, Friday 19th September

My friend Jessica (who I managed to convince to join Kaya with me) and I decided to be good little gym bunnies and hit the machines forty-five minutes before our Pilates class started this morning.

We sweated it up on the cross trainer, bike, rower and even did a abs/floor work out before heading to class.

I’d ask Jazz (from Big Brother) to come along to show us the ropes. Jazz used to live above the club and had been coming to Pilates classes for agesssss. You could tell- she was a pro.

Whilst Jess and I sweated and crumbled from Rose’s instructions (I almost fell of the bed entirely!) – Jazz held her composure, almost looking bored.

We’d been told all classes are different, some moving at different paces or focusing on different aspects of Pilates.

If Gaynor’s first class was nurturing and relaxing, Rose’s was more challenging and rewarding. Both fantastic classes in their own right.

Jess, Jazz and I walked out of class sweaty but feeling ten times better than we did beforehand. I swear, exercising completely irradiates hangovers. I used to think my friends who worked out on Sunday mornings were crazy but now I know the secret they’ve been holding out on me.

Next up on the agenda: Zumba on Monday night. As I’ve said before, I have about as much rhythm as Taylor Swift after a few so this should be interesting.

Until then, look after yourself!



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