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Midweek “Me Moment”- Aurora Spa, St Kilda

Midweek “Me Moment”- Aurora Spa, St Kilda

Last Wednesday, the chicks at Hatching Communications (see what I did there?) invited myself and a few other bloggers for an evening of mid-week indulgence at Aurora Spa, St Kilda.


It was a freezing cold, dark and wet night so hopping into a fluffy white robe and slippers, hugging a hot tea in a zen space with some of my closest friends (Lisa from See Want Shop, Jazz Bell and Gen from Hatching) was exactly what the doctor ordered!

After a quick catch up with the girls, my therapist Niamh came to fetch me for my treatment.

I was told we’d be starting off with a Aurora’s own ‘ASPAR Wattleseed & Walnut Resurfacing Body Scub’ (which felt as amazing as it sounded) before moving on to a 30 minute back and neck massage before finishing off with a foot massage.

After picking my choice of relaxing essential oil (aptly named ‘Relax Essential Oil) and inhaling the goodness of their ‘Lavender & Patchouli Relaxing Candle’- I was already forgetting all about the heinous traffic I sat through on my way to the event.

Now, I know I say this a lot….and maybe it’s a case of me being easily pleased by Niamh’s back massage was out of this world. Usually I dribble or fall asleep or beg the therapists not to stop but on this occasional, I pulled the hat trick and committed all three.

Even better than the back massage was the foot massage! If I wasn’t at an event with a planned itinerary I would have paid for Niamh to continue with the foot massage for another hour and a half.

I finished the treatment feeling amazing, clear headed and smelling and feeling delicious thanks to the ASPAR products that were now smothered all over my body.

Re-grouping with the gals back in the relaxation room and it was clear I was not alone in my blissful state as beauty bloggers, usually so polished and well-put together, wiped drool from the corners of their mouth and rubbed their eyes like toddlers after nap time.

After we’d woken up a bit, the girls at Hatching gave us a run through of all the new products, each of them smelling more delicious than the next. 

Speaking of delicious, we were also lucky enough to fill our bellies with delicious roast veggie salads by the guys at “Fred Gets Friendly’, yummy cookies and flavoured milk by the guys at ‘Ace Cookies and Milk’ and even a few cheeky classes of Paul Louis champers to finish off snack time!

Now that we were all in food comas, it was time for Lyndall Mitchell- founder of Aurora Spa- to take us on a tour of the spa’s facilities before talking us through a guided meditation.

This was by far my favourite part of the night.


As someone who suffers from anxiety and who’s brain is generally GO GO GO, meditation is something I had been considering getting into, however my research had led me to believe it took a while to become good at it and to be honest, I just didn’t have any faith in my brain being able to switch off.

We first sat down in super chic, super comfy lazy boy chairs which were put on full recline. As Prue from ‘Melbourne Girl’ said “This is comfier than my bed!”

We then had blankets draped over us- the weight making us feel like we’d been tucked-in safely to bed by our parents.

Lyndall instructed us to close our eyes, while Aurora Spa therapists quietly creeped into the room and each took their place behind us. Their job throughout the meditation would be to focus on our pressure points which would help us to relax and let go.

I was in heaven already and Lyndall hadn’t even started talking yet.

I’d love to be able to take you on a step by step guide to what Lyndall said during the meditation however I was so zen’d out, I only remember the first bit.

What stuck in my mind however was when she mentioned that meditation isn’t about trying to make our thoughts stop. As Lyndall explained, that’s unproductive and almost impossible. We’re always going to have thoughts, so meditation is more about learning to neutralize them and almost rise above them, training your mind not to focus on the busy/stressful thoughts and instead relax.

She explained it like this: imagine your thoughts are all different cars on a busy highway. All you need to try to do is sit down on the grass, BESIDE the highway and watch them.

You may get the urge to run out onto the highway, or to chase certain cars/thoughts but try to stay still and instead focus on the feeling of the cold grass in your hands and the warm sun on your face.


After the meditation was over, we were able to hang around and ask Lyndall questions which for me personally was really insightful and helped get my head around the entire concept of meditation and mindfulness.

One little bit of homework Lyndall wanted us to attempt was to start sleeping with our phones in a different room to our bedroom.

As you can imagine, this made the group of social media addicts gasp in horror.

“But mine sleeps under my pillow!”
“How will I get to sleep without checking Instagram?”


Lyndall suggested buying an alarm clock and putting in the effort to switch our brains off before we go to bed.

“At least switch it off 2 hours before you go to sleep! Do it for me!”

As hilarious as I found this (“Oh sweet Lyndall, what an idealistic world you live in!”) it was also such a foreign and interesting concept, I thought it might make a good blog.

SO, because I fell a little bit in love with Lyndall and her quiet, soothing voice, I’m going to give it a try.

As of tonight (Monday, 25th of May) I am going to switch my phone off 2 hours before bed.

As I tend to get to bed around midnight, that meant switching off my best friend and right-hand man at 10pm. The mere thought makes my palms sweaty but I’m going to give it a real go and document my journey for all of you.

Watch this space!

(Huge thank you to Hatching Communications, Aurora Spa and Lyndall for having us- it was a truly blissful experience and I can’t recommend the spa highly enough!)

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