"Wanderlust consumed her; foreign hearts and exotic minds compelled her.

She had a gypsy soul and a vibrant hope for the unknown. "

- D. Marie



There’s no denying that I’m a hopeless romantic. Out of the 5 rings I wear on my hands every single day, 4 of them are hearts or mention ‘Love’. Out of my 6 tattoos, 3 of them are hearts.

I’m a serial monogamist who loves nothing more than being in a relationship, sharing my life with someone else, doting on someone else, having my best friend and partner by my side.

I believe “love conquers all”, “all you need is love” AND “love rewards the brave”.

It’s no surprise then, that Valentines Day is one of my favourite holidays (after my birthday of course!)

This Valentines Day however, I am very much single. Probably for the first time in a good ten or so years.

To distract myself from the obvious lack of roses that will not be coming my way tomorrow, I have compiled a list of last minute Valentines Day ideas for us Melbournities that can be enjoyed with a lover OR with a friend.

Because after all, love is all around and you don’t have to be coupled up to share it!



- Mr Miyagi: up there with one of my favourite restaurants in Melbourne, Mr Miyagi is throwing together a special 7-course Valentines Day dinner and I for one will be getting amongst it! With their bare bulbs, exposed brick walls and fluoro light art installation- you can’t get more ‘Melbourne’ than this. DO NOT leave without trying Miyagi’s Fried Chicken.


- Om Nom: Om Nom is first and foremost a dessert bar. Sure, they have a grazing menu which is equally delicious (soft shell crab, get in my mouth) but you’ll want to make sure you have room to order at least 4 of the desserts. My absolute favourite is the ChocolaTerrarium: cinnamon sugared churros, chocolate ‘gravel’, pistachio + chocolate sponge, chocolate icecream, valhrona manjari 64% mousse and milk foam. For extra romance, ask for one of the swing seats when booking!


- Madame Brussels: Madame Brussels is one of those quintessential Melbourne rooftops that every visitor to Melbourne should take time to check out. Kitschy as all hell (think astro turf, brightly coloured parasols and staff in pastel tennis outfits) this cute little bar amongst the trees is perfect for a sunset Pimms jug. The chicken finger sandwiches and baby sausage rolls are also to die for.


- Cupcake Central: I’m going to put it out there- I’m a bit of a cupcake connoisseur. I know my cupcakes and THESE are more than cupcakes. They’re mini works of art and absolutely mouth watering. I would recommend ordering a mixed dozen because there are just too many flavours to pick from including pavlova, strawberry shortcake and cookie butter crunch. Get these bad boys delivered to your best friend’s office or girlfriend’s place and they will love you more than life.


- LVLY: roses smoses. Not only are they super expensive and cliché, they’re also really expensive. Did I mention they were expensive? LVLY are similar to ‘Little Flowers’ who are Sydney based. Basically they are smaller, more unique bunches of flowers delivered in super trendy jars and hessian to anywhere in Melbourne for only $30! Forget roses and get on board with a bunch of dahlia and gum posy!



- Skin Day Spa: I’ve said it once, I’ll say it again- Skin Day Spa in St Kilda are one of my favourite day spas in Melbourne. Book your loved one in for a 60 minute full body massage and stand back and reap the rewards.

- Peninsula Hot Springs: click here for my full review on the hot springs but this bad boy would make for a perfect little weekend get away. Rather than fight the crowds tomorrow on actual Valentines Day, give your lady or man-friend a ‘I O U’ voucher and head up next weekend for some peace and quiet!

- Picnic in the Tan: nothing says ‘I love you’ like the thought and effort that goes into planning a picnic. Grab a basket and picnic rug from a $2 shop and hit up Thomas Dux or the Vic Markets, grabbing some delicious cheese, strawberries, chocolate and champagne and find yourself a nice spot in the Botanical Gardens. It costs little-to-nothing but results in maximum romance factor.



- Crown Metropol: the best thing about the Crown is that it really is a one-stop shop. This one is for those who have perhaps forgotten that tomorrow is in fact Valentines Day and need to come up a complete package plan and FAST. Here’s what I suggest: book a room at the Crown. It’s hard to go wrong here as the Metropol room’s are stunning with amazing views of the Melbourne cityscape, no matter what your budget. I would then recommend making a reservation at one of their restaurants. My favourites are Gradi or for something a little fancier, No 8. By John Lawson, or Bistro Guillaume. After dinner you can hit up one of Crown’s bars or night clubs and then it’s only a short stumble back to your hotel room for fluffy robes and a bottle of champers. FINALLY, for the piece de resistance, book into Crown’s ISIKA Spa for the morning after.


- The Art Series Hotels: it’s hard to go wrong with a night at an Art Series Hotel. Whether it’s the bright, pop art vibe of the Cullen or the slightly softer, more luxurious Olsen…book a night at one of their super hipster boutique Melbourne hotels and you’ve won instant brownie points not to mention street cred.

So, whether you are happily coupled up tomorrow or enjoying a ‘Gal-entines Day’ with your bestie- there is plenty to do in Melbourne and it’s not too late to hop on board the love train.

“I choo-choo-choose You!”

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