"Wanderlust consumed her; foreign hearts and exotic minds compelled her.

She had a gypsy soul and a vibrant hope for the unknown. "

- D. Marie

The Skeptic's Guide to Kinesiology

The Skeptic's Guide to Kinesiology

I have always been a big believer in working on yourself, not just externally- by hitting the gym and eating well- but internally too. Nobody is perfect, we all have faults and aspects about ourselves we don't like. I think it takes guts and an ability to be self-aware, as well as a desire for personal growth to not only be honest with ourselves but to be proactive in doing something about it. Acknowledging our issues is much harder than sticking our heads in the sand and chilling out in blissful ignorance. 

In saying that, it's only been in the last 5 years or so that I have been open to alternative therapies such a acupuncture, meditation and most recently- kinesiology. As I've mentioned before, I come from a pretty old school, traditional family where everything can be fixed by a trip to the GP and a round of antibiotics.

In the past, the idea of someone helping me simply through "energy" would have made me scoff. It still makes my Dad roll his eyes. But hear me out because I've found kinesiology to be super beneficial on a few different levels and you know me... I can't keep juicy secrets to myself.

I've been seeing the 5ft nothing, blonde bundle of joy and hugs; Janelle Green from Element Wellness and Healing since January this year. She came highly recommended to me by a friend who knew I wasn't finding psychology to be enough to get me out of my mental rut, so to speak.

I had heard the of kinesiology before but knew literally nothing about how it worked or the science behind it and decided to go into my first appointment with Janelle blind, without doing any research. I wanted to be open minded to whatever was about to happen. I didn't want the skeptic in me to rear her know-it-all head and throw me off. 

To say I left my first appointment with Janelle absolutely gob smacked would be an understatement. I felt seen. Heard. Understood. I felt 110% more clear headed and focused. I felt relaxed. And if you had seen me and my mental state before heading into my appointment, that is a bloody Christmas miracle. I don't do "relaxed". I've tried. It's like the pot of gold at the end of the rainbow, I've been told it's there...I just can't seem to get to it. 

Since January, I've been seeing Janelle a couple of times a month (whenever my body needs a "balance"; more on this later) and I honestly don't know what I'd do without her. In fact she's so life-changing I've recommended 4 or so friends to book in with her. And now, you lucky ducks, I'm sharing her with you. 

I've mentioned my experience with kinesiology (a word I still struggle to spell every single time) on my social media channels a couple of times now and always get dozens of questions about it so I thought I'd see if Janelle could take some time out of her card reading and crystal charging to answers a few questions. Our chat is below. 

Welcome to the wonderful world of kinesiology! 


T: Alright so I feel like by now, after seeing you for 9 months I should be able to answer this question on my own but what exactly IS kinesiology/intuitive healing? 

J: It's not the easiest thing to explain so you're forgiven! Kinesiology is a complimentary therapy that uses muscle memory to find out the reasons for sickness, disease, physical pain or emotional issues. The body is actually great communicator, if only we listened more often! A mixture of Western Holistic Medicine and Eastern Medicine, Kinesiology is a great balance bringing western science to energy work. We use the clients muscles to translate what their body wants to say to their mind and then we work with the client on healing whatever the body brings to the surface. We use many different types of modalities to help facilitate the healing, and this is where the intuitive healing comes in. We could use scientific muscle corrections, acupressure points, crystals, essential oils or other various forms of energy movement. It all depends on what the clients body requests!

T: See I hear what you're saying and it still sounds like magic to me. What inspired you to get into it? I know your professional background is not too dissimilar to mine so this seems like a big jump in a different direction? Is there a professional qualification you can get or are you self taught?

J: After a very successful career in corporate events failed to fulfil, I shifted my focus and energy to the complimentary health and natural medicine field with a desire to help others. Looking for a lifestyle, not a job, I came across Kinesiology. I have a qualification of CertIV in Kinesiology (AUS government and international recognised qualification)

T: Okay so you're the real deal. You've got the fancy certificates to prove it! I think the fact that you have come from a similar background to me makes you easy to relate to, you know? You weren't born on a hemp blanket with a crystal in your hand- you used to be a big party animal, like me. So what changed?

J: HA! No hemp blanket.... I was born into a standard middle class family.  No hippy commune or purple velvet dresses. I now look back and can see ALL the signs that healing was my calling. I was interested in crystals and my Mum took us to a psychic fair when I was a teenager. I had no idea what all of this meant back then and either did my Mum, she just went with her intuition. 

I was an early school leaver, who beat the odds and became a very successful events manager - L'Oreal, Nickelodeon, MVRC and my own event styling business. I used to work hard and play very hard. 90 hour weeks of work and then partying on the weekends. Running away from my intuitive abilities/sensitivities by escaping with substances and work. At the age of 31, I decided that I was worth more than that and started on my personal development journey. Many years of challenging self work, lead me to truly love and respect myself. I decided that even though I was on my journey it didn't mean that I was going to leave everyone I knew to follow it. I have continued to stay friends or acquaintances with a lot of the people that knew the 'old' version of me. A non judgemental approach for where they are in their lives means I am able to still attend substance fuelled parties, events and festivals without feeling like I'm the odd one out. You will find me front and centre at Market Stage at Rainbow Serpent in full costume, sober! 

T: I've told you before- you will NEVER get me to Rainbow Serpent. The whole thing overwhelms me but kudos to you for managing to find the sweet spot and getting to enjoy the best of both worlds. Something you talk about all the time and I pretend to understand but I absolutely do not is "muscle testing". What does it involve exactly? 

J. Put simply, it's a really cool way to get answers from the body and bypass the brain. The muscle will become weakened or strong depending on the question we are asking.

T: Okay. Still sounding like magic to me but whatever you're selling, I'm buying. And what is a "balance"?

J: That's just the name for a session with a Kinesiologist! 

T: And a "correction"?

J: Corrections are the treatments we use to balance the energy in the session. 

T: I see. You're making this sound very simple! I obviously came to see you because I was in a bit of a rut. My anxiety was through the roof and I was finding my usual combo of exercise + a psychologist wasn't quite cutting it. What other types of issues can kinesiology help with?

J: Kinesiology is a complimentary medicine. So it can be used to relieve pain or stress for all physical or emotional issues. Kinesiology is not only used to 'fix' it is often used to evolve as a human being. Helping people shift through old stories and move freely into their future selves. If you're wondering whether maybe kinesiology is right for you, ask yourself this:

  • Are you feeling stuck, lost and disconnected
  • Do you feel numb, depressed, disconnected or standing on the sidelines of your own life? 
  • Are you are excellent at tending to everyone else’s needs, but tend to sacrifice your own?
  • Are you stressed or overwhelmed?
  • Do you have a physical aliment, disease or illness?
  • Do you have addiction issues, physical or emotional?
  • Are you inviting the same self sabotaging energy, people and jobs into your life?
  • Are you going through a period of transition? Maybe a career change, motherhood, healing after a break-up, spiritual awakening, grieving the loss of a loved one or letting go of an old identity and way of being.
  • Are you prone to perfectionism and tend to be very hard on yourself, yet struggle with insecurity and issues of self-worth?
  • Are you carrying the weight of the world on your shoulders and experiencing a stressed-out over active mind? 
  • Are you used to dealing with life in a logical and analytical way, but feel there’s something missing and ready to explore your creative, intuitive side?
  • Are you a healer, therapist, creative, innovator or entrepreneur who has a strong desire to make a difference in the world? Yet, you are struggling with sharing your gifts, being seen and receiving recognition and abundance.

T. Wow. I feel like that covers nearly everyone during some point of their life. So would you consider kinesiology a form of medical treatment or psychological?

J: It is a complimentary medicine, that encompasses talk therapy. 

T: And boy don't I love to talk! You usually can't get a word in edgeways. So how many sessions would the general person need? Every time I've been to see you, the time frame has been different. Sometimes you want to see me next week, other times it's not for 3 or 4...

J: That's because everyone is different. Some people may only need 1 balance and others more. We muscle test on the body to see if it wants to come back for another balance and if so when. There is no 'you need to come to us every week for the next 2 years!' We ask the body, instead of predicting when you should come back, unlike a lot of other modalities who predict when you will be ready to continue your work. Integration is very important and the body will know when its ready to work on the next layer of the issue. 

T. There's also quite a bit of "hippy trippy" stuff involved which I am getting more and more into but again, still not sure if I understand it completely. Is there any science behind the angel cards and crystals? 

J: Cards - no science at all. Super Hippy! They are a psychic tool that connect in with your energy. Crystals - lots of science. Too much to list here. Check this out - http://powerthoughtsmeditationclub.com/crystals-and-their-amazing-properties/ 

T: On a more personal level, you sometimes seem a little psychic to me and often pick up on things you couldn't possibly have guessed and have even predicted the future in the past which both blows my mind and terrifies me. What's this about? Are you just special or is that something that comes part and parcel with kinesiology?

J: 'Special' yes... I was wonderfully gifted with the ability to be a Medium and Psychic. A lot comes up intuitively in a clients balance, to make sure I am correct I Kinesiology muscle test, before using the information. I am very much a 'prove it to me' person. So, my trust in my gift is growing with each amount of 'proof' I receive.  

T: I knew it! You are magic! You're like a Glinda the good witch! Okay so how would you recommend finding a good kinesiologist? You came recommended to me but I wouldn't have known where to look had that not been the case. 

J: Jump online and see if there is one in their area. If they are already seeing a healer of some sort, the best way is to ask if they can recommend someone. Nathan (my co-worker) and I also balance clients via Skype, which could be an option for anyone who isn't Melbourne based.  

T: I kind of don't want to even share that information in fear that you become so popular and booked out that I can't get into see you, but in the spirit of sharing and helping other's, I'll allow it. Okay, last bit of advice for someone thinking about giving kinesiology a go?

J: If you are looking to address and move through your bodies imbalances and blockages on the emotional, physical and energetic levels, Kinesiology is for you. Assisting you to have true happiness and live a physical, spiritual and emotional pain free life. I am someone who can say Kinesiology has totally transformed my life and I couldn't be happier!


I'm going to have to second Janelle on that- it's also worked wonders for me. I can't say that I fully understand it or have any idea what she's doing when she holds my arm up and puts it back down again or lathers me up in different smelling essential oils but I have always been of the mentality of; can't hurt, might help. And my goodness, it's helping.

Now excuse me while I go smudge my apartment. 

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