"Wanderlust consumed her; foreign hearts and exotic minds compelled her.

She had a gypsy soul and a vibrant hope for the unknown. "

- D. Marie

It's time to go....Big Brother?

It's time to go....Big Brother?

The weird stomach butterflies were back.

You know, the same ones I had on the launch day of Big Brother 2014.

As my Instagram and Twitter newsfeeds filled up with photos of Jason eating breakfast and Lisa and Aisha getting their finale outfits all packed and ready for the bus trip to Dreamworld, those familiar weird feelings started to creep back into my tummy.

Was it really about to be all over for another year? It feels like only yesterday I was hopping on that same mini bus with my own lot of housemates, excited for our one last moment on that stage.

And why do I care? I had my finale. Was I happy or sad this series was about to end?

Or was it the rumours that this would be the last series of Big Brother that were making me feel weirdly nostalgic and if I’m honest, a little bit sad.

One thing was for sure- there was no way in hell I was going to settle in to watch the Big Brother Finale alone. And who better to make a big LOL out of the situation than 2012 housemate Stacey Wren.

Arriving at Stacey’s place in Bondi I was greeted to a cheese platter and my choice of red or white.

“I’ll take white…don’t worry about a glass, just give me a straw” I joked. Our time as Big Brother housemates was only one of the things Stacey and I had in common… our love of wine was another.

We had our usual catch up of Big Brother gossip whereby she filled me in on everything new from the 2012 guys, I brought her up to speed with all the 2013 goss and we shared what tidbits we’d caught on the grapevine about the latest Big Brother grommets.

Once again I remembered how nice it was to be able to discuss this kind of stuff with somebody who understands. Who knows what I mean when I say I’m kind of excited this series is almost over, but also a little upset the show might not be continuing.

Someone who gets that despite not being actually involved with this year’s Big Brother- it has still somehow consumed my life for the 80 days that it’s been running.

As the show starts, we both cross our fingers this year’s lot are forced into an equally embarrassing choreographed opening number as we were- only to be sadly disappointed they managed to get away with a single cringe-worthy dance move at the top of the runway before joining Sonia on stage.

The usual back and forth between Sonia and the three remaining housemates- Skye, Travis and Ryan- as well as the evicted housemates now situated on stage took place and before we knew it, we were down to a flashback montage.

I’m not going to lie- there were tears. It was nice to see Reggie and Chrissie Swan, my number 1 crush Ryan ‘Fitzy’ Fitzgerald and then the more familiar faces of Ben Norris and Tim Dormer on our television again.

The short clips from previous series brought back lots of fond memories of me staying up late at night, glued to the TV screen watching my favourite reality show.

It also reinforced the feeling of ‘family’. There are only a handful of people in the world who have experienced what myself and the other Big Brother Housemate’s have and I feel very lucky to have been given the opportunity to be a part of something so special and unique.

By now it was almost 11 so Sonia had some matters to attend to.

When Skye was announced as second runner up, Stacey and I jumped from the couch, almost spilling our wines all over our onesies.

Whilst I appreciated she was a crowd favourite, her arrogance about winning towards the end of the series and specifically her refusal to pack her suitcase when she was up for evictions had left a sour taste in our mouths.

As Aisha once Tweeted: “Modesty is a beautiful trait in a human.”

When it was down to Travis and Ryan I was torn.

On one side, I had been #TeamRyan since way back. Not only did he seem down to earth and very able (and willing) to take the piss out of himself, the way he spoke about his beautiful mother who suffers from MS hit a nerve with me and reminded me of my own situation with my own mother who suffers from early onset Alzheimer’s.

Okay fine. He’s also a massive babe.

Travis however had also been a pleasure to watch. He never seemed to play the game with any kind of malice, was never out to hurt or double cross anyone- he was an entertainer and seemingly the joker and spirit of the Big Brother house.

What was interesting to me however was that neither Travis nor Ryan had played a ‘Tim’ game. They hadn’t played strategically as such. There were no master plans or grand schemes. They lived in the moment, rather than thinking too far ahead, were playing a fast game of ‘Snap!’ rather than taking part in an intense chess match or re-creating their own version of Hunger Games. 

Don’t get me wrong, there is not one housemate from my year that doesn’t respect the way Tim played the game. He was entertaining and he was strategic and he deserved to win the $250K, no doubts about that.

But Travis and Ryan were the last two standing for a different reason entirely. They were there because they were well liked in the house. They didn’t seem to dwell too much on their decisions- they were just there to have fun and see how far they could get.

When Ryan was announced the winner of Big Brother 2014 (and perhaps the last), I’m sure I heard half of Bondi roar from their balconies as they cracked open another fresh coconut.

It felt good to see a nice, easy going guy take it home because of just that- he was a nice, easy going guy.

He wasn’t an attention seeker, he wasn’t intense or dramatic and he wasn’t involved with any cheating scandals or house romances. He didn’t double cross anybody, back stab any of his friends or take advantage of any twists or turns in order to get ahead of the game. He didn’t win any extra cash during any of the ‘Head of House’ power plays, or receive any special advantages or extra airtime. He just went in there and enjoyed the experience.

He had fun, made the most of every day and was true to himself.

I’m not sure whether this really IS the end of Big Brother, but if it is- it feels nice to end it on that note.

Happy 6 Months!

Happy 6 Months!

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