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The Lazy Girl's Guide to "Feather Touch" Brows

The Lazy Girl's Guide to "Feather Touch" Brows

I’ll never forget the day I was informed I was in fact, rocking a monobrow.

It was year six, little lunch.  A warm and sunny day, I remember because I was wearing my bucket hat emblazoned with the school emblem on the front when a girl who I had assumed (up until this very moment) was my friend pointed right in my face and said “Why do you only have one eyebrow?”

Clearly I wasn’t aware I had been channeling Frida Kahlo most my life however upon closer inspection in the girls bathrooms, choking back tears, I discovered it was more a case of a few stray hairs than the full kit and ka-mono.

Nevertheless, my eyes had been opened to the truth and there was no going back.

My two brothers and I have always had quite strong, dark, thick eyebrows. “It’s a sign of good genes” my father used to say.

I hadn’t really noticed or cared until this moment but now I was acutely aware of how hideously non-confirmative I was and I had no choice but to take care of business.

Figuring the best solution was to just get rid of the strays all in the one fell swoop, I begun sneaking my Dad’s razor once a week and shaving straight down the middle of my eye brows.

In hindsight, I’m sure all this did was leave me with a stupidly big gap, not to mention the awkward stages as the few little black hairs sprouted back through but it was better than being Monobrow Kid.

Fast forward a few years and I was in the midst of puberty and high school and boy! Wasn’t that a fun time? All of a sudden all the cool kids and mean girls had discovered tweezers and were plucking their eyebrows until they were almost non-existent.

I was never very good at being a “girly girl”, never very good at putting on make up or doing my hair. Maybe it had something to do with the fact that my mum got sick when I was in my very early teens and so I was never taught all that important stuff but I always felt very out of my depth when it came to trying to make myself look “pretty”. 

If you look really hard, you can see my faint monobrow...

If you look really hard, you can see my faint monobrow...

So I avoided the tweezers. I rocked my thick, straight, dark eyebrows for the rest of my life until eventually, thick, straight, dark eyebrows were in. Cara Delevingne was the IT girl of the moment and her and I had some strong brow game.

I’d also managed to pick up some slightly more advanced make-up skills, thanks to all the modelling work I’d done over the years and was now in the possession of a very adult-looking eye-brow pencil.

That being said, a leopard doesn’t ever really change it’s spots and to be honest, making sure my brows didn’t have any weird gaps or were full and evenly shaped on both sides of my face just felt like a lot admin that I’d rather not have to worry about every single day of my life.

SO, enter Yasmin at The Arch Stylist.

When I first heard about “cosmetic tattoos” I had these horrible mental images of haggard women, sucking on cigarettes with deep burgundy lip liner permanently tattooed around their wrinkled mouths.

It didn’t sound like my cup of tea to be honest, despite having more than a few actual tattoos myself.

But “feather tattooing” or “microblading” as it’s also known is not nearly that severe, nor is it permanent and in fact, it’s currently all the rage in the beauty world.

I had a chat with Yasmin, the brow expert, to pick her brains on this new trend of tough-stickers for your face.

So what exactly IS “feather tattooing” or “microblading”?

Feather tattooing, or micro blading, is a semi-permanent process of implanting colour pigment under the skins surface with tiny, disposable needles in order to replicate the brows natural hair strokes.

“This process works to compliment the natural features of the face and its structure. We don’t touch your actual brows and leave the hairs as is but instead build up around this.” Yasmin explains.

Basically, they’re colouring in your eyebrows so that you don’t ever have to do it. But how is this different to say, the tattoo of the dolphin just above my ass-crack?*

Yasmin explains: “So cosmetic tattooing, unlike regular tattooing, works to enhance the natural features of my clients. Whilst regular tattooing is more ‘harsh’ in a sense, cosmetic tattooing is a softer, more subtle alternative.”

In short, body tattooing uses ink whereas feather touch uses pigment, which is designed to fade over time to give a more natural appearance. Because of this, two sessions are usually required to build up your brows, so if you’re a little nervous about the procedure, you can stay a little on the conservative side for your first session and then build up from there.  

Alright so now the important questions: how long do they last and what kind of coin are we talking?

“Feather touch tattoos range from place to place, with some reaching upwards of $1000.

The Arch Stylist’s prices range from $550-$650, depending on which artist you want to use: myself, the Master Stylist or one of our senior stylists.”

And in terms of your return of investment, don’t worry, your new face-shapers are going to last you quite a while.

According to Yasmin, “Feather tattooing usually lasts between 6-24 months, depending on a couple of factors:

  • Skin type (oily skin is more susceptible to pigment breakdown so we suggest you come in sooner rather than later for your touch-ups!)
  • The products that you use (and the subsequent potential of a chemical breakdown)
  • And finally, natural factors such as UV and general life all contribute to the longevity of your brow!”

My last question for Yasmin was around recovery time… sure, my eyebrows were now on fleek but would I be able to wear other makeup the next day? And how long would it take for them to fully heal?

Yasmin suggests avoiding makeup on or around your brows for around 2 weeks. Things like foundation or brow pencil may lighten or complete change pigment colour…so basically I was just really careful when applying foundation around the eyebrow and just left those babies as is.  They did most of the talking for my face anyway!

“For the brow to be fully healed we like to allow 4 to 6 weeks,” explains Yasmin, and don’t stress if you wake up the next morning and swear your brows are even darker!

“The first few days the brows will oxidise, and the pigment will appear darker before it starts fading (they fade will be around 50%). Your brows may even be a little patchy and look like they have faded before they re-appear. But don’t panic- just follow the care instructions and allow for them to heal properly”.

Just as she predicted, I woke up the next morning looking a little like I’d had a run-in with a 3 year old and a permanent marker but by the end of the week I was totally in love with my new, 24/7 perfect brows and received more than a few compliments.

As a wise woman once said, “Great eyebrows don’t happen by chance, they happen by appointment”.

So I suggest you book yourself in for some feather tattooing ASAP.

After all, nobody wants to be the Monobrow Kid.


(* I do not actually have a dolphin tattoo. Plenty of other questionable ones though.)

My brow inspo, Cara Delevingne

My brow inspo, Cara Delevingne

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