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Cocktail Masterclass - Lil’ Darlin, Surry Hills

Cocktail Masterclass - Lil’ Darlin, Surry Hills

Cocktail Masterclass - Lil’ Darlin, Surry Hills


I’ve always considered myself a bit of a cocktail connoisseur. They are by far and away my favourite thing to drink (anything with elderflower or passionfruit and I’m all goggly eyed) and after years and years in hospitality, I’d like to think I know a good one when it hits my lips.

I get especially excited when bars and restaurants take pride in getting creative with their signatures- stepping away from the traditional Martini or Cosmopolitan. 

So when my favourite little ‘first date bar’ (moody lighting, romantic ivy draping from the roof and dark little corners to play footsies in)- the Lil Darlin in Surry Hills invited me and 10 of my girlfriends along for an afternoon of cocktail making and delicious finger food- I couldn’t say “YES PLEASE” fast enough!


After our champagne on arrival we were introduced to MJ and his team of talented bartenders who gave us a really interesting presentation on the history of cocktails, where they were born and how they’ve grown to become so popular today. (Did you know Carrie and the 'Sex and the City’ girls played a huge role in making the classic 'Cosmo’ one of the most ordered drinks around the world?)

The handsome boys then explained to us that we’d be making two classic cocktails- an Espresso Martini and an Amaretto Sour (another one of my go-to drinks) as well as two of the Lil’ Darlin signatures - a White Choc Passionfruit Martini and a Fairy Floss Martini- both as pretty and delicious tasting as they sound. 

The boys took us through the steps, techniques and ingredients required for each cocktail whilst we chomped down on melt-in-your-mouth meatballs and calamari, before passing the cocktails around for a taste test. (It was a case of “One sip for you, two sips for me….”)


Next up, it was our turn to put our newfound skills to good use! Each of the girls and I got to head behind the bar to whip up a cocktail of our choice.

I chose the White Choc Passionfruit Martini. Despite pouring my first shot straight into the martini glass rather than the Boston shaker (see MJ! I do listen!) I think I did pretty well, even if my shaker face isn’t the sexiest!


By the time all of us had our turn behind the bar, we were more than a little tipsy- so the piping hot duck and margarita pizzas appeared just in time to fill up our tummies with something other than fairy floss and vodka. 

The cocktail masterclass was SO much fun, we ended up staying well into the night, sipping on our cocktail masterpieces proud as punch- pun definitely intended!


If you’ve got a hens night or birthday coming up you can book a cocktail masterclass at Lil Darlin’ for only $59 p/p.

You even get your very own personal photographer which comes in handy when you can’t quite remember how much fun you had the next morning!

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