"Wanderlust consumed her; foreign hearts and exotic minds compelled her.

She had a gypsy soul and a vibrant hope for the unknown. "

- D. Marie

Boys night @ Kingpin Bowling, Darling Harbour

Boys night @ Kingpin Bowling, Darling Harbour

Boys night @ Kingpin Bowling, Darling Harbour

After the huge success of the ‘girls day’ I put on for some of my girliest girlfriends, I thought it was only fair to throw my guy friends and tomboy babes a similar little fiesta.

(To be fair, ALL of my friends, guys and girls alike have been an unwavering support during the past six months as I’ve slowly settled back into reality.)

So, with that being said and with some help from my friends at Kingpin Bowling, Darling Harbour- I created the ultimate 'boys night out’.


We kicked off at 5pm, just as the sun was setting over Darling Harbour with some drinks, nibbles (we grabbed the wedges, calamari and a couple of pizzas which were delicious) and a game or two of bowling.

I’ll have it be known that I started the night off to a Fred Flinstone-esque start, generally kicking butt and even getting a strike or two but if I’m honest it all went downhill from there. I think I got cocky.

The huge screens playing the latest top 40 music videos provided the perfect soundtrack to the *ahem* creative victory dance routines including a few old favourites such as 'I-am-number-one-finger-in-the-air’ dance and the classic 'upside-down-twerking’ which is not to be attempted by those less nimble than Miley.


Next up was Laser Skirmish and I can tell you now- shit got real.

We decided to break into teams of boys vs. girls which seemed like a funny idea at the start but soon became very, very serious.

It’s hard not to pretend like you’re in the middle of a futuristic war zone in there- hunting down bases, camping out from the enemy and going into unfamiliar territory back to back with a team mate, laser guns blazing.

Who needs bikram yoga when you can just do a session or two of Laser Skirmish? 

We cooled off with another game of bowling- which I continued to suck ass at- and wrapped the night off with a sneaky session in the photo booth outside.


The feeling of the night was unanimous- none of us had had that much fun in ages. It’s not every day you get to be a bit of a kid again, whilst drinking and getting nice and 'competitive’ (read: rough) with mates.

The 'boys’ and I agreed we should make Kingpin Bowling a monthly occurrence- only next time I’m going to bring my A-game. 

Well, I’ll try. 

Okay so maybe I’ll just ask for the bumper bars. 

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